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Projects are Powered by People

Our workshops transform the way your project teams work and get results


Our workshops are interactive, fun and results-oriented
Remove barriers, find clarity, exceed goals
Frame the right questions, answer them, and set the direction
Empower your project teams through collaborative workshops

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Decision Jam

There is a super-fast way to identify and solve any problem or challenge.


This is a simple and short but powerful group exercise that can be run either in person or remotely.

Creative problem solving and clear decision-making is what separates the best from the good.


Archetypal Design Sprint

Do you need to develop a new product or service?

Do you need create alignment within your team and come to clear decisions at the start of a project?

This is a framework for answering critical business questions through using four fundamental human archetypes.

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Strategy Sprint

Does your team need to come together, reset and decide where you're going? Discover how you'll beat the competition?

This workshop creates strategic alignment. Buy-in from team members by giving them a say in the direction, goals and how to get there.

Staff Meeting

Team Sprint

Is your project team struggling to collaborate effectively? Would you like to take teamwork to the next level?


This workshop is designed to repair and strengthen the human fabric of a team and (re-)build a powerful chemistry.



I am John van der Steur, and throughout my career, I have seen firsthand that no matter how technical a project, it's always the people that make the difference.

My passion lies in building, facilitating, and engaging with teams to help them reach their greatest potential. I have extensive experience working with the leadership of teams— creating a blueprint for success, and helping it come to life. After serving as the mental health coach for a Dutch Olympic Team and helping them win a gold medal, I wrote my book The Power of Polarities which shows the impact of harnessing the power of individuals in teams.  

These organizations have trusted me with their teams:


Your strategy is only as good as your team's ability to execute and perform. 

Your organization has great talent, but are your people aligned? 

Do they share the same vision? Are they moving together towards the same objectives? Or, is there perhaps an elephant in the room?

You want your team working as One.

Inspire confidence, respect, and greatness in your teams.

Build teams where individual strengths are effectively aligned.

Their achievements give your organization the winning edge, consistently.

Our workshop programs facilitate teams in their transition to next levels of awareness, collaboration, and performance. 

How can you realize the potential of your team? Book a discovery call below.

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Individual commitment to a group effort - that's what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.

VINCE LOMBARDI, American Football Coach (1913-1970)

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