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Staff Meeting

The Team Sprint

"There's no spirit like team spirit"

In any organization, each person is unique, with diverse lifestyles, needs, and expectations. Unfortunately, these differences can sometimes impede collaboration, even though they should be a source of strength.


Our workshop will teach you how to leverage these differences to enhance mutual understanding and optimize collaboration with your team members.


Through this session, you will gain a deeper understanding of the diverse perspectives and ways of working within your team.


You will learn strategies for maximizing the strengths of your team members while minimizing any potential barriers to collaboration.


Ultimately, you will develop the skills needed to foster an inclusive, collaborative environment that unlocks the full potential of your team.

Schedule a conversation and take the first step toward building a winning team!

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Team Identity

Staff Meeting


The Team Sprint incorporates a range of activities that contributed to a Dutch Olympic team winning a gold medal. These include:
  • Breaking Grounds: We kick off the session with an icebreaker activity that helps everyone get to know each other.

  • Personal Introductions: Each participant will have an opportunity to introduce themselves and share their background and interests.

  • Perception Exercises: Through perception exercises, we explore how different people perceive situations and how these perceptions can impact teamwork.

  • Personality Theory: We delve into personality theory, helping participants gain a better understanding of themselves and their colleagues.

  • Personality Profiles: Participants will complete personality profiles, which will be used to guide further exercises and discussions.

  • Exercises with Profiles: We will conduct exercises based on the personality profiles, helping participants identify their strengths and areas for development.

  • Team Dynamics: Through team dynamics exercises, we help participants build stronger working relationships and improve collaboration.

  • Personal Goal Setting: Finally, participants will have the opportunity to set personal goals, helping them put their learnings into action beyond the workshop.

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