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What if Night and Day excluded each other?

The Purpose of Polarities

If we lived on a planet where it was only day, life would not be possible as we know it now. Life could simply not happen. Plants, shrubs and trees would be scorched. If it were only night on earth, the process of photosynthesis could not take place and life would also not be possible.

Opposites need each other to create life that is sustainable. It is like breathing out and breathing in.

It is the same with the personality. We need both our introverted (reflective) attitude, as well as our extraverted (interactive) attitude. We can have a preference for one, but we cannot do without the other.

As soon as we find ourselves thinking in absolutes, we fall in a trap. We exclude the opposite.

Think about yourself, your team, your organization. Where are opposites excluded?  Do people in your organization say, "We need to push this product more and drive up sales" instead of "Maybe we should try to really listen on a deep level what are customers need"?

There is no good or bad in either position. There is only the right balance, the balance that produces life, just like the balance between night and day.

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