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Teamology 101

Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.
~ Henry Ford

Every person in an organization is unique. We all have different ways of life, needs, and expectations. Very often these differences cause ineffective collaboration while in fact, they should form a potential strength. During this workshop, you learn to understand these differences and how to use these them to optimize your mutual relations and collaboration with other team members.

This workshop will help you and your team if:

  • We are a new team, how do we get off to a good start?

  • I am the leader of a new team: how do I get the team up to speed as quickly and effectively as possiblele?

  • We are a good team, but how can we use our full potential?

  • How can we create awareness of the different strengths and limitations of the individual members of the team? And of the team as a whole?

  • How do we build trust within our team? And how can we ensure everyone contributes to the team?

Activities include:

  • Breaking Grounds

  • Personal introductions

  • Perception exercises

  • Personality theory

  • Personality profiles

  • Exercises with profiles

  • Team Dynamics

  • Personal goal setting



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