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About Us


“The best leaders have confidantes who can give it to them straight, speak truth to power, and keep them in the know.” — FORBES

My name is John van der Steur. I'm the author of "The Power of Polarities", a book on leadership and team-building. It's based 25  years of work in this field with companies like Nike, Heineken, and BP.


I've owned and led a collection of B2B and B2C learning & development companies. And as the mental coach of a Dutch Olympic team, I helped them win a gold medal.

I've facilitated hundreds of teams and leaders in pursuit of their goals. With this comes an in depth knowledge of personality types and leadership styles.


Question: Would you like to have 10-12 Austin area CEOs on your side in 2022?

The Vistage Advantage

How do good business leaders become great?


Some 26,000 mid-market business leaders worldwide have figured a way to get expert advice – from each other.

As a Vistage member, a roomful of CEOs during any given monthly meeting may be directing their focus on your business.

Over time, they’ve gotten to know how you tick. And they’re providing insights; offering their experience; even holding you accountable from one meeting to the next.

That’s the core value that Vistage brings its members.

The concept of CEO peer groups isn’t unique. But it’s highly effective, and at Vistage, we have honed the practice to an art. 


A room full of bright CEOs with assorted backgrounds from a variety of industries is going to help you solve a problem with greater insight than you can on your own. Period.


You’ll gain deeper insights and better ideas based on 10-X the CEO experience in the room. Vistage orchestrates an environment that is unmatched by any other CEO peer group organization in the market.

Why It Works

Data Proves It

At the core of every Vistage meeting is our proven Issue Processing model which is a structured, thorough, and efficient approach to tackle members’ most pressing challenges.

Imagine sitting around a table with 8-16 CEOs in a non-competitive totally confidential session where their only concern is helping you solve your biggest problem.

Members push beyond assumptions and get to the real issues, helping them to better understand and evaluate options before making a decision.

Vistage CEO Boards also include Executive Coaching with the Chair, world-class speakers, deep research into SMB CEO success, and access to the network of 26,000 Members around the world.

Vistage works and the data proves it.
Screen Shot 2022-01-04 at 8.12.23 PM.png

There are other data points:

  • In 2020 Vistage CEO members grew their annual revenue on average by 4.6%.

  • In the same year, nonmembers with comparable small and midsize businesses saw revenue decrease by 4.7%. 

  • 99% of Vistage members received a PPP, whereas 47% of nonmembers did.

Thursday, February 17, 7AM-10AM, via Zoom.

Experience a CEO Peer Advisory Session

You’ll be sitting around the table with select business leaders from the Austin area.
This is a working session where we’ll have a speaker and tackle real business issues by using our proprietary issue-processing formula to tap into the knowledge of the room generating new perspectives, ideas, and solutions.

This event is invite-only. To participate you can schedule an introductory call above. Or you can email John van der Steur at 

There is no cost to attend, but seating is limited and exclusively for CEOs, owners, and executives with a minimum of $1MM in annual revenue.

To become a member there is an enrollment fee and monthly fee which will be conveyed in a personal interview. 

Individual coaching will start upon registration as a member. Group coaching will start in March of 2022.

If an image says more than a thousand words, a video says more than a million.
Here are some "tasters" for you.

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